On fairies and tales

So I'm back on roll. After a month on vacations with my sweet boyfriend *insert heart here*. I am now back to my usual routine. Waiting to start work again of course, which I hope is next week. In the meanwhile, I am back to writing. My novel is gaining more shape as I go. I wanted to print it out so I could work form it but I have no printer at the moment and some guy wanted to charge me 25 cents a page. Pft.

In any case, I spent the day researching about my concept. Writing down more ideas. Got another idea for another book. And began reading a supposedly, "unique" example of a novel similar to mine. I just hope when I finish reading it the concept is completely different. Only so far one point is similar to another novel I was writing. But that I will adjust. So far enjoying reading it. I will write later on about it once I'm further enough.

After two chapters I write a bit more of my own. I like it because I can set my brain to think in words. And it's a similar world. Except a different plot and completely different characters and... Concept. Looking forward to see how it turns out.

she writes