My Writing Progress

I just reached my 30K mark with an amazing scene. I only have 20K left which I hope to complete with all I have noted down. Right now I am going to blog today about how I write.
I still remember my first poem by heart from when I was 7 or 8. I feel bad the original paper got lost to time. But I am glad I memorized it. In schools, however, they would ask for a small essay and I would end up writing in prose (not knowing back then what was that, mind you, I was 9). They said I should become a writer. They said I should become an artist. They said I should become so many things, because whatever I did, I did it with passion. And writing, surprisingly more than people who knows me think, has been my greatest passion of them all. Is not for nothing I’ve had over 10 blogs and 30 journals in my time since I was 13. Is not for nothing I would keep countless of notebooks with stories and poetry. I would draw, yes, but because back then I felt I got a lot of acceptance through my art. I felt it was the right thing at the moment for me to pursue.
But ever since high school I’ve been trying to write my first novel. Nine years and counting of a story I haven’t been able to put down properly in words. I have started it like… 7 times. The plot is the same, but the development always changes. I am never satisfied with it. I struggled between writing in English or Spanish. Short or long. I had no idea how. I’ve also attempted about 3 other novels in-between. Never finishing. But after reading so many interviews and blogs on writers, I have to believe it is a long stage all good writers and storytellers go through at the beginning.
I got serious about writing was when I had this crazy amazing dream. They would sing at the end in a big choir of animals, “Whatever you want to do, you can do it!” At the end of the dream I was signing books of the story I just narrated in the dream. I tried turning that story into an actual novel. No success again. I let it sit as I focused on my job as a graphic designer and promoting myself as such. Also with children illustrations. I really needed the money for my travels. (Yes, need  is a word with travel when you are in a LDR)
One day, not long ago, I was very into and was writing a  novel. The same one I’ve been trying for years. But then my brother won an Ipad. He hated apple and so did I. But a tablet was a tablet, an answer to my prayers. I got it for $250. Which was amazing! I began writing non stop compulsively. Just as now. With morning coffee after waking up, the train, the bus, the wait for the bus, the work breaks and before bed. It was only a few days before Nanowrimo. So I used nanowrimo as a inspiration. I have to thank my boyfriend for that, as he tweeted someone about Nanowrimo and that’s how I found out about it. I didn’t even knew it existed before that. I joined. I didn’t won. (45K words) But I won a great idea that is on it’s third draft. Hopefully the last and then on to edition.
On the next post I’ll write what I learned thanks to nanowrimo when it comes to writing. I got amazing tips and figured how I actually manage to write more.

she writes