Dreams and fairytales

I began reading yet another book in the middle of Bearing An Hourglass. First I began with Wings, from Aprilynne Pike. Simple, straight forward, and nice concept. I LOVED how she used the fairy flower concept. I began the second book but I stumbled across Entwined, by Heather Dixon, and a review that made me read. Hehe... I just began last night. I finished Wings in 2 days without noticing. I guess is normal considering I'm on vacations until further notice. So I will try to finish Entwined also in two days. If I don't get caught up reading twits about the ongoing online war for hours long. Hehe...

I would write a review on Wings but I'm not good with reviews. :) I rate it 3 stars, because it's a good read and a good idea for fairies. But is too simplistic character wise for my taste. Then again, it is a book for Tweens. So she made a 4 stars tween wise. But since I'm the reader here, I say 3!

Entwined began pretty much like The Night Circus. With the beautiful narrative, so so far it has me narration flow wise. :)

As for my book. It changed yet again the direction, yet not the plot. And one main character lol. Which is weird considering the 180 degree turn I did on him. But is sooo much fun now. I had a dream las night, a magical one, and I might just ass that to the book or the next one, if it fits. :)

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