I've been very busy getting ready for my boyfriend's first visit to my country. But it doesn't mean I have this forsaken. The book is coming along slowly but beautifully. Taking it a scene a day. Even if that scene is like.. One thousand words long only. And enjoying each word.

In the mean while I decided to continue my reading of Piers Anthony. Right now on the second book of Incarnations of Immortality, bearing an hour glass. There is something peculiar about his writing, is like the words, even though the books are old, the words are very poetic and modern. No mumble of hard to read words. Just flowing imagery through them. Love it. I decided to see if I could keep reading the book I stopped reading when my dear opus cybook ereader died. And I couldn't stop myself from reading the whole chapter, which are relative longer than novels nowadays haha.

Now I shall resume my reading or writing, before going off to clean the bathroom.

she writes