So I decided to do this for the first time ever. Always contemplated it but never thought I would be capable of getting to 50K words in a  month. But after so much writing for months now, I realize it is doable. So I am using my story, Shae, which I began a few days ago to do this. Of course, no cheating, so even though I have about 8K words now, I will begin the 50K count today, that means I should have at minimum about 60K words by the end of the month.

My name in NaNoWriMo website is Celestite. :)

The word count I add as I fix the previous chapters so i have an actual word count. And also add the latest actual count. Like I said, I need to reach 60K in order for mine to be valid. I could lie, but I decided not to do so anymore for a few years now.

Now I go back to work and writing.  Lunch first!

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