This post is related to yesterday, consider them mini post of a recap of what I write. Is mostly for my own organization of thoughts.

Yesterday I managed about 2K words. If you add dat<-(leaving this typo for fun, this is what happens when dutch mess up with my head XD) to my current 9.7K I am at 11.7K/60K

It was slower than I expected considering I m
anaged before to do about 1K each bus trip. But maybe it was the diference of the software count. I am now using Storyist. Which I came upon through NaNoWriMo's website sponsors. And, I LOVE IT. It's the most expensive app I've bought, about 9.99$. But worth it. I can organize my ideas better, and it comes with the manuscript format, making it look, worth it, even though the draft has more mistakes than I can count. Previously I used Fastkeyboard I think was the name (Ipad updating atm so can't see the name). I installed it because of the keyboard, is way easier to find the apostrophes there.  But Storyist comes with it, only thing I need to hit on the number tab for numbers. But the other important keys for stories are there. So I'm sticking with Storyist.

I am stopping myself from editing anything at this moment.  Is hard... considering english is my second language and I know I make a lot of mistakes with the Ipad. I tend to be self corrective. But I won't do anything right now. I will wait until I finish the draft. I still need to add some parts of the stories I will write when the draft is done. You see, the main character used to have a grandmother that taught her all she knew, and she carries a journal she wrote to her. The story's narration divides itself in 2 parts, the 3rd point view from the male character, and the 3rd point view of the female, kind of like switching scenes. But I'm not sure yet if to include them both in one chapter.  I'll leave that for edition stage. In any case, the third part is the 2nd person view, yes, you read  it right, 2nd. This will be where the grandmother tell her own stories and own teachings through her journal for the main character. I'm looking forward to writing this, but I first need to finish the draft of 3rd view so I won't confuse myself. Also that the grandmother's entries will have a lot to do with what happens in the story, and right now, I only have but a faint idea of it, which is changing as I write. What I planned a week ago is no longer what is going on. It's SO FUN!

As soon as my Ipad is done updating I write more. (Computer is too distracting) I work from home today, which means, on call. So in the mean while I'll write and work with a logo I need to finish.


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