NaNoWriMo Update

I haven’t updated ANYTHING on NaNoWriMo. The reason is not lack of writing. The reason is, WRITING! I was at 40K words and… my novel stop making sense and went completely off track. So I needed to save it somehow. I decided to sketch out ideas for the beginning. And then I did some outlining after reading the book:
The Complete Handbook of Novel Writing, gotten from Writers Digest thanks to its promotion of free e-books which ends today. I read some bits here and there, mostly what I was lacking. But it was another book where I read the tips on outlining which I don’t remember now. But it was great; I will recommend it when I find it.
The point it, I make quick paragraphs of each scene running in my head (I literally had over an hour of outlining marathon as if I was watching a movie).
Each paragraph or scene is of about 150 words.
Those 150 words I multiply them on detailed outline by 3.
I will have 450 words, maybe more of each outline. Did I mention DETAILED? I believe I did.
Each outline contains things like: he told him about that, she explained this or that, etc.
The final outline, after I am done with the 30 chapters I did last night. Will be turned into 3000 words or more each, depending of importance and dialog; which means I end up with a novel of about 70K words. 
And I am hoping to finish it by November 30. I hope.
My one liner is: A girl with an unique gift discovers the magic in being human when she goes into the faery realm.
PS: Just opened a twitter: @celestitearth

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