NaNoWriMo day 8?

Sorry I didn't updated the previous days. But I've been busy helping my boss, staying at her place which means my routine is different at the moment. In any case, I have managed to reach almost 30K of my novel, minus 9K that dont apply to nanowrimo. I am on scheduled to finish around November 15 or so at this rate.

The story update:

I have fixed a way to add the chapters introduction/grandma's letters and still keep the magical touch ot my story. I will need to heavily eidt some parts filled with yellow notes when I revise. Each time I do, I add another yellow note of where I began writing with that idea. So basically the story dont make sense in some parts.

In any case, I am happy that I finally added the last secondary main character and he turned out to be just like I wanted. I just hope I keep him like that and don't turn him into a melodramatic one. I have enough of those. I think I like him more even if he is not the main character, haha. But yea, he will make the story way more interesting as a great wonderful charming obstacle between my main characters. Ok, yea... I love him more than the main. But I will still keep him NOT as main, else the story is ruined. It will break my herat at the end but oh well... maybe I manage something so I don't leave him heartbroken. Hehe... Enough spoiling.

she writes