NaNoWriMo day 5 (nanorebel)

I just finished 2k words this morning. I have a total of around 10k words for Nanowrimo. And 19k for the novel itself. And I just realize, I'm a nanorebel! Haha. I don't mind, I'm still aiming for 50k words in a month.

As for the story. One of my main characters is finally stepping up. I'm giving also more scenes to the other main character which I was afraid I wouldn't, but I am gracefully. After the sad scene my character realized she needed to start standing up for herself instead of depending on others for help. And now it's getting fun. My only fear is that when I finish this novel, I manage to write others with completely different characters.

As I write I realize my story will need heavy editing and I'm not speaking grammar. I left out a lot of important things I planned which explain a lot about the characters. But I need to continue writing or I will get stuck. When I go back to revision after I reach 60k words, then I will add any additional scenes needed. You can say I am only mixing the cake. It still needs to bake, cook, and decorate, and then of course, eat it.

Salut to all the nanorebels using nanowrimo for the greatest inspirations.

she writes