NaNoWriMo day 2

As I write this I am dead tired even though it's only 8pm. I had a long day working from home on a manual design. So during breaks I sneaked in a word or two.

Total words today, 2,530, total for nanowrimo, 4871 or something like that.
I got the characters to meet again, which I wasn't planning until later, it was fun. But now, I skipped to five years later, which we the original plan. I'm not sure if I need another linking chapter, but I'm pretty sure is perfect as it is. Now the real fun and romance start.

I might get quite some criticism on how I approach the theme of religion. But I don't care :p is fun. Looking forward to having my main characters reaaallyyy meet. But that has to wait at least two more chapters. :) Now some rest, if I don't fall asleep. XD


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