Nanowrimo 6

I reached my 15,000 words for nanowrimo count. And the 25,000 I set as goal in total! Which means I wrote 2,700 words this morning. :D

I began reading the book for nanowrimo, I found it extremely helpful. Right now only scanning trough the pages as I need to focus on the writing. But very helpful. You can find it in the forums if you want to give a look.

As for my story. Every night I write an outline of where it might go before sleeping. Every morning I find myself taking ten story away from that outline. I skipped the first five points, but hopefully I can work with the rest as I go. I like introducing my characters little by little as the novel goes. This time I introduced one of the antagonists finally. The other one I will introduce him in a bit after blogging. The first chapters I spent them developing my main characters. And developing my narration. Just to be hit by the fact that when I finish the novel, I need to rearrange the narration to what I finally decided to do. Thank you for the yellow sticky notes people from story it's! Hahaha.

As for my characters, their relationship is growing well. But I need to stop my heroine from ending up a whining martyr. I hate those, and I don't want her to become one. Yet... I guess is only natural if she has such reactions at the bad fortune I'm putting her through. However, I have noticed I am drifting away from my main spiritual/fantasy plot. And ending up making a complex romance twister. But I do plan on fixing all hat when I revise, as I fix the narrator and add the left out chapters and scenes. Gosh... It starting to sound like a 90,000 novel now. -.-

In any case, I am still happy on how the story line is flowing. I just hope I am able to fix it all in December and January (yes, half of my December is occupied so I can't edit anything during that time.)

In any case, back to the story!

Reason I am doing Nanowrimo as I realize:

  • to stop myself from editing

  • to manage to write a 50,000 words manuscript once and for all

  • a try out, if I manage to do so, I will try to do it every month of the year.... Ok, half, other half for edition

  • .

    she writes