I don't care what they say

I've heard a lot of people say this through my life. I was in fact, one of them. It came to a point when you would hear it and say it with with a certain defensiveness. Like being attack with arrows and shielding with a piece of cloth. When you know who you are; when you are sure of who you are, there is calmness. The is a certain peace with yourself, such that you will stand in the middle of the bullseye, the arrows will come, you don't notice and even when you do, you just step aside without fear and continue on.

Sure, that if you are not the target, you will not get hit. This is what happens whenever I hear someone claiming they don't care what people say. Because if they claim this, is because they are thinking about it, and so self assuring themselves of the obvious lie. When someone really don't care what people say, they walk along, with no need to claim it, no need for defense and not even the slightest thought in mind that people are even talking about them. Chances are, they are not even thinking or considering to talk about them.

This is just another random thought I got while waiting for some files to upload for an email at work. Just before leaving. This is why I love this iPad more and more.

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