This is my new personal actual blog. For only writing purpose. A public blog of my writing. Both fiction and nonfiction. I decided to create this blog after reviewing all the dreams I've been having on writing. I will speak more about them later. But recently I've acquired an iPad, which is my main tool right now for writing. Being able to write in the bus, in the train, or waiting for my swimming class to behind like now, has changed how many word I write a day. Spending this way, all my dead time for writing time.

Celestite, is what I would like to call my writing pen name. Hence the blog's name is Celestite. Celestite is a precious beautiful stone which I consider my favorite. I bought the one I own in the indonesian TongTong fair at Den Haag in the Netherlands. I saw it and I couldn't put it down. I went back at the end of the fair and bought it with all the spare change I had on me. I love it still as much. It is a stone of dreams, or angels, of heaven. It is my inspiration for many things. Even though I get my inspiration from mostly anywhere. You will see later on as I write more.

For now I just wish to share an introduction. Later on I will share more things about whatever is on my mind. Being able to type wherever I am is great.

she writes