New Me, New Confidence

A while ago I loved wearing pink and bright yellows. Now I have barely bought anything pink to wear. And yellow… I still have 2 dresses :p but they are not childish looking dresses so no worries. Thing is, I loved watching what not to wear. And mostly because i wish I could afford a new wardrobe, find my own style finally, and show myself as confident, which in turn makes me confident in reality. So now that i finally have a job, I decided to use some of my savings to buy that new wardrobe. And I must say I LOVE IT. From the flower bright colors makeup-less girl that everyone thought was 12 – 14 years old. Now I am buying this kind of style:


I always loved classy elegant styles but never was able to afford them cause A) they weren’t sold locally as it’s too high-class-looking for most girls here; B) I could buy online but were expensive. Now, since they are still too high-class-looking for girls, and most don’t dare look that stunning, they are putting them on sale. XD So I bought myself a total of…. 7… at least. Not counting the ones i already had. And all of them go perfect with a pair of ankle-booties and some nice red lipstick. I look sooo different to how i looked a year ago. But this is so much me now. I am short, hence the high waistline. That’s another reason they don’t sell much here. Even though is the style short people like in my country should wear, they all go “ohhh but i look pregnant”. BS! unless you eat so much fastfoods that you have a belly popping out. then it makes you look pregnant. >< No offence intended, I was like that before. But yea, is funny how people stare at me all around. Specially in boots. It seems boots, dresses and a red lipstick its a sort of entertainment for people to watch here. Most don’t dare look that bold and elegant for everyday purposes. Most should try. ;) I know I feel great and makes me feel confident. So yea, a good style makes a good attitude specially when it comes to the grown up world. And I mean style, NOT $500 purses. << ALL my clothing has cost less than 10$ each :P MOST $6 – $5 XD I think the most expensive one I have is $12 :P So yea, I’m pro cheap-yet-expensive-looking-good-style. XD ♥ New stage of my life, new me. And I am sure certain wuvly person will love it if were to see it in person. :P ISH TRUE!

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