23 June 2010

First Crochet Project Completed

I always loved to crochet. BUT I never had the patience to finish a whole project. Specially not after having to restart it. But this time I thought I should stick to one no matter how many times I had to redo it. So it took me in all like a month to complete. But little time actually once I managed how. The scarf I started it one way and then saw my old scarves and I had to break it down and start over. But LOVE the result once I finished. After restarting, it took me like 5 nights after work on my bed, singing out loud and thinking beautiful things. Singing actually kept me going else I would’ve been bored already. XD
The gloves… I redid them… 5 times I think, until I got them right after seeing some old gloves my sister had for my niece. Looking at examples is the way I learn. I can’t really follow “patterns” in words like most I find online. I hate that. I need visual. Lots of it. So I finally did it! My next project will be making a plush Plu now that I manage some stitches I was wondering how to make! :D! Look! SHINY RED! I’m starting to like red for some reason… too much… more than pink now. O.o

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