Soul's Flight

This is an entry from my journal. From May 20, 2003

I was writing a lot automatic back then. It surprise me every time I go back and re-read what i wrote. And I wonder, did I even wrote it. Just wanted to share. I have another, Long pages. So I might just post the pictures even though the english used is crappy. I was just learning to use english grammar back then. My mind thinks in english, but I only wrote in my journals in english. So my grammar wasn’t that good.
When the path is uphill, DONT LEAVE IT

When things aren’t right -like most of the time- DO NOT FORSAKE

When you don’t find results and problems are added, DO NOT GIVE UP

when you want to smile but you can only sigh, DO NOT FALL

When luck is out of sight and you don’t find the strength to continue, DO NOT QUIT.

When you can’t find battle companions, DO NOT HESITATE

There are hands that are holding yours! Believe and feel in every minute of your life, let your soul fly free through the beautiful gardens of trust in something superior that get to our vision can’t be, but out hearts can feel. (don’t ask, no Idea why this sentence makes no sense grammatic wise)

Your soul wish to be free to give you strength and esteem! TRY!

Close your eyes for a minute and let your thoughts fly by places of love.

We can’t change the world, nor take all the pain out of Earth, nor have all the results to all our problems, but we do can, every minute, look with the eyes of love each thing.

If we think everything will pass, lets look with appreciation the negativity that takes you to elevation and perfection, then look with happiness, the change of bad in good, of sadness in happiness.

What makes us smile today, are the things that made us cry yesterday.

Today’s faults are also tomorrow’s happiness.

People go, lovers lost in time, problems are resolve, even the sun go each night to be reborn the next day… don’t stand in the middle of the bath because there… something awaits you!

she writes