Making it through

Just listen, as the path grows stronger, so do you. As the nights grow longer, so do you. It is all but to give, teach youstrength. it is all but to make you last. It is all but to make you dream, keep you dreaming, keep you believing. Never loose sight of what is important. It is the love you carry through that truly matters. It is the hope you hold that truly bless you. it is the strengh you gather that truly makes you.

Sometimes you feel lost, but is all in the plan. You build up yourstrength, courage, faith through the darkest time. It is not your duty to feel afraid. It is your duty to fight and learn, and pray. It is not a matter ofgettingthere, it is a matter of reaching. Of not giving up. As you cross the river you learn to dance. As you get to the other side, you realize how far you’ve come. How quick was time. You should not struggle, for struggle is for the weak. The strong ones trust, and keep on going. Trust and keep on going. As you stumble among the rocks in the darkness, you learn to stand. As you reach intoemptinessyou learn to fly. As you make your way through life, you learn to live. And nothing really matters, but the love to live and stand.

she writes