31 May 2010

Designing Life

I finally fixed my blog, reconfigured my database to detect the old blog, minus some posts I had to delete due to lost images. And one lost long entry that I didn’t backed up. But other than that it’s perfectly fine now and I hope it stays that way this time.
On updates about what has been going on, I’ve been busy. I got a part-time scoring job last over 2 weeks ago. Plus a new graphic designer part time job last week. :D! I have to say, life is amazing. The events that led to that job would be… hard to understand for some. Maybe a higher power played a hand in not allowing me to post my previous long entry. As it explained everything. But but… I crave to write spiritual! I will be doing an extra blog for that then. ><
Thing is, I got the job! I work 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. For now the challenge is getting my own license to be able to get there myself. A 30min drive. But I’m working on that. I wanted a job, then I resigned to any job… then I resigned to anything at all. And then I suddenly got a call of a resume I sent on February, and it was recommended to this other printing company. And now I’m part of the part-time graphic designer team! And I’m going to show them this is the job I can do like a professional. And not just another part-timer with Photoshop skills! (Trust me, a lot around.)
But yes, I am happy now, and relief, and hopeful. :)
As for my plans of the future, got to be flexible, that I’ve learn a hard way. But I also trust, it’s all for a greater good and all will be alright in the end. ♥ For now, a great job, and saving up. :)
Oh, I also opened a formpring.me account. So give me a hit!
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