23 April 2010

A new Begining

I am able to redirect my re-installed blog to the old database… but as i was going to click to do it, I thought about it. And maybe it is time for a fresh start. I’ll be using another blog to link that old one and leave it as archive. But I will be restarting this one.

Maybe even more word again than just images, don’t you think? I will be keeping the images on the main page as a portfolio, which I will be fixing when I finish fixing this blog. Everything will be redesigned. Cause yes, a lot of how I organize and design my websites, reflects who I currently am. And I still love those happy things and cute themes on my websites. But lately, I want it to be more simple, sophisticated, yet happy and energetic. Just like I want to be and i’m trying to be. This is what it is growing up.

In any case, for all the cuteness from me you’ll still see my drawing eh? And I recently started a project which I will be buying the domain soon around today and make it more than official. In the mean while you can check it out here:http://mms.marisabelart.net/ or follow in twitter@MyMiniSelf for all the information. The project is basically a challenge, of getting to draw 10K people in one particular style. Kind of like “mini-commissions” for $5.50. Collecting them in one gallery and sharing it with the world. What the person gains from buying their miniself is relink, oradvertisement. Each one will include the name and information that person which. It can be promoting a website, a product, a project, a cause, a business, any add, and even personal notes like shout outs or special messages for their dear ones. So check it out! There’s an ongoing contest in twitter to get more followers. I will be choosing 2 people to do for free. Now go look! =D

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