06 February 2010

Business Business

I never realized how quickly time goes until I find myself here, on my computer, answering back and forth emails of customers. Doing what I love without people telling me "get a job" because hey! This IS my job! How great is that! Today I finally got what I was expecting all this time, my Visa card! Why? Because now I can open my Etsy shop! And I did! For today it only has the custom illustrations. But tomorrow as I finish with the day's job I will work on adding more services such as logos, banners, and so on. :) So yes, I know tomorrow is Sunday, but it's also a day more towards being able to return to NL with my love! And more work, means less days! So no, I won't take free days as this is my hobby, which happens to be now my job. And if I wasn't working on this, I would be having fun with this. So that is life! Unless my friends come and invite me somewhere. Else no, else I will be here fighting and doing what I love. Life has bless me indeed :)

I need tomorrow to fix my website layout to include an Etsy "sticker" for my shop.

In the mean while, here is the address:

<img alt="" src="http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/036/9/1/Stephanie_Alanis_by_Nephie8.jpg" class="aligncenter" width="800" height="849" />
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