15 January 2010

Website remake

Hello! And Happy Late New year! I've been busy between finishing my Aupair year and starting my... schooless... aupairless...  adult life. Anyway, taking the three weeks of my personal holidays here in NL to remake my website and promote my work in the hopes of starting to make some income.  Check Deviantart for the latest pieces I've made since I didn't posted any here during Holiday times. Expect more to come and to my friends, family, fans, and over all my love, thanks for the support! This year will be great! :)

As for the website, I will be uploading it now but there are some things that need a bit of work, like the personal page for my imaginary cat, who finally have a name! Plu! Is short for "paraplu" my favorite word I learned in dutch (although is french). The portfolio will be kept short but good, for the rest of my art you can keep checking Deviantart and subscribe to my feeds. Also starting to sell in zazzle after seeing the changes they made and the possibility of having my store in my website! Got to love it!

So I guess that's all you need to know for the updates.

Currently working on a commissioned logo and other things in mind.
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