28 January 2010

Making it there

It's really nice that after a whole year of working and lazying, my status as an illustrator and designer is finally going forward. On all the updates first my audience in deviantart is growing after after 3 years. Mainly possibly cause now I'm actually dedicating to it instead of using it as a "drop-drawing" thing. Through it, someone contacted me to submit one of my pieces for an online publishing magazine. I think I was late in responding but who knows, maybe next month I'm in. :) Also I just got confirmation on a set of drawings I will be making for a coloring book. Is a personal project but hey! It's a job! Adding to that, working hard to complete Multiwoman website's new logo. And running up to win my first 99designs competition and getting more job if I win it. I couldn't be happier! On the side, working on PLU, my goal is to bring him to life. Possibly make short stories for kids with him.

Going back to Puerto Rico this Sunday. In a way I am exited. On the other hand... ehm... :( no. Oh well, we'll see how things turn out, if it is as its going so far, then expect me back to NL soon!
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