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Today I decided to write here again. I was pondering if to write on my personal website, but decided to keep all Aupairing things in the Au Pair box. SO, today I will write about food in a very extended long boring way.

You see, it runs in the blood of my father’s side of the family, we grew up with this certain gene which makes out taste buds rather sensible. Hating spicy and over-flavored things as we grow up. I doomed vegetables and spicy asian food. I hated them so bad, my diet consisted in rice, chicken, cheese, ham, milk, eggs, potatoes, pasta and cereals. And REALLY not much else. It would be rice and chicken, pasta and cheese, potatoes and chicken or ham, eggs and ham, basically all the combinations I could form. My grandmother used to cheer up my dad by saying to him she was just like me at my age but eventually learned to eat everything once an adult. So we all held hope that it was indeed a phase we would all grow out of. But then my family’s eating habits didn’t help much also. I rarely saw vegetable except for the tomatoes my dad ate, the rest were just on special occasions. So I really got into veggies at all. And asian food just looked disgusting to me, not to mention fish HORRIBLE smell. So I was a food chaos, for everyone. My teachers, my mom, dad, sister, uncles, aunts, best friend's parents,  ex and current bf… ALL suffered from my horrible eating habits. They weren’t that bad, they were just… stubborn. But like I said, fortunately my grandmother was right.

As I came here in holland, I knew I would have to face the so fearful vegetables. I remember the first were the long green beans with spicy asian curry… oh my. So I didn’t ate much, was my first and I was unsure of what to do, so i ate my way through the rice and egg and then say I was full. Eventually with the help of my host family and my bf I learned the hard, yet yummy, way to eat vegetables. And if it wasn’t for my host dad I would never be in love with spinach as I am now. I love it, seriously… I would eat it with every dish I can happily. I learned to love onions too where before I set them aside. I learned to find the sweet flavor of pumpkin. I learned to try new ways of cooking vegetables. I learned to LIKE champignons (not as much love as with the spinach but still)! The oh so horrifying things I would hate on pizza. Among other things. But what surprise me the most was how I found out my true problem with asian food. Is not spicy that I don’t like, in fact turns out I don’t like the sweet asian food. One day I went to an asian festival where my bf thought I would love the sweet things because I was running away form the spicy. Wasn’t so bad, but didn’t loved it. Now… one day at their place I was inform I was going to eat curry. Instead of being “ugh”, I was actually curious and exited to try. And I was right, I loved it. Heck spicy, got my stomach a bit to get used to it, but awesome flavor. It was like my tongue was dying to feel "alive”.

Since then I am actually eating more spicy asian food on my own, than normal one. REALLY. Plus the occasional potatoes/chicken/tomatoes/spinach dish or chicken soup. Right now I basically am willing to try almost anything EXCEPT sea food. I’m not quiet there yet. I am eating tuna now and fish sticks (yes I hated them), but probably I will try more later on but not for now.

Enough of my story, thing is… I was played by fate to take care of 3 kids whose eating habits are exactly the same as me and my brother and my sister. EXACTLY the same. Ties eats as little and as simple as possible, Keet eats a lot as long as she likes it, and Puck well… she is like I was. Enough said. So we are all now trying to teach the proper eating habits. Few weeks ago was a disaster. Today, after so much screaming and fighting with how I made things, they eventually calmed down and explained to me how to make the things like they like. They ate ALMOST everything. I am still fighting with Puck eating my potatoes… she likes them crunchy, I did them so today, so crunchy Ties ate them without hassle. But she was still “Ik vind het vis!” she didn’t even touched them. So I had to give her pasta. Other than her, the other two ate everything, so I am happy. Nine weeks to go and I am off to another adventure. :) I already know where I want to take it so I will be making another “secret blog” to start that one out until I am ready to post it publicly. But only once I get home I’ll start since here I can only do as much ^^


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