So far things are very calm in my world. When I started reading the book I started to feel the change. And I know this month it's going to start fast. I am done with lying over circunstances and I am now intending to be honest about all I want and do. My previous meditations have worked wonders and still are. My meditations now have turned into visualizations on a 24/7 basis. Constant daydreaming as you may call it, but everytime I do it, I make sure love and energy burst from my chest. I only feel I want to give love, as much as I can give and only that. I lay down and think of someone and give them love across the universe.  It's a wonderful feeling. As for my goals, right now I know I already did all I could to set my wish out there, to show it, to work on it. Right now I am really exhausted of fighting and am goingw ith the flow. I let go, and now it's life's turn. I will just keep doing what I love and give it my all. But no whining, no complains, no desillusions, no regrets. Just try my best to be as happy as I can. Just try my best to give him all the love I can, no matter for how long.  I am done with fights. Now it's just a matter of faith and trust.

Haven't finished the book yet. I think I first need to work on those first chapters before proceding. And it's going well so far. :)

she writes