This weekend is the end of week one. I edited I bit what I wanted to do with the book, length wise, or chapter wise. But I just finished one part, in 15 minutes. I had the idea in my head since Monday and yesterday night I had this dream that forced me to write it. It didn't took long since I already attempted it days ago, but today I found the words. What I am doing, even though I am not sure how profitable it is or how people would like it; it's a collection of stories from flowers. Yes, flowers. The stories can be either for children or adults alike. I had this flower idea for over a year now, I started making the stories but I threw away accidentally the story lines. But doing it again now. I am not sure of how many stories it will have, as it will also include illustrations. I am not sure if it's better if they are published individually or not. Each story intends to send a message, many times obvious other times not. I always loved writing them, I just never thought on making a collection of them until a year ago. Today I will re-read it and send some copies to some people to read it and see. And then during the free time in the weekend I will start some sketches on it. Took me this long because I couldn't find the words for it, and was extra busy with my job this week. Thank God is finally weekend! Here's a line or two:

"The sun would shine behind the window. The days went by and the flower felt sad. She would talk to the sun, and the drops of rain .But none could listen, there was a glass window there. She started to dry."

As part of it I also sent my portfolio to a publisher back at home (from which I saw the children books and oh my god... I would do jobs for them. :) ) Let's see what happens.

The sun would shine behind the window.

The days went by and the flower felt sad.

She would talk to the sun, and the drops of rain.

But none could listen, there was a glass window there.

She started to dry.

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