So I was drawing Saturday nonstop, I wanted to get away form my usual type of drawing symbolizing to a more concrete story telling scene. So I started on Illustration Friday, I always liked it but never decided to do it. I was too stuck in the "they are better than me, so why should I bother" idea. This time I decided to leave these kind of ideas all behind and do all it takes to build up my name as a children illustrator. As I know I have talent, my style is different, and all I have to do is stop being afraid and show it to the world. So I will be posting here also my latest work other than the normal blogging.

As for the story advance, I found a story I wrote a while ago, a children story actually. I read a small "walk through" on children picture books and I read my story and I was like, "I should include this one." So I edited it with suitable words for children and fixed it a bit here and there. Already even made the first sketch. This one would be so nice to complete although I am aware that for publishing companies, I can't submit illustration, these can serve well for my portfolio anyway. So I will do it anyway even though I want to submit that story's manuscript to publishing houses.  As for last week's story, I am still working on the design of the flower, making her look with personality. These kind of things are the hardest to draw but getting there.

Tomorrow I am free so I will be doing a couple of things related to this. Including where to submit my story, I know is better self publishing with the current situation, but I am not in those luxury socks yet. I can't afford self publishing so I'm taking baby steps. Wish me luck!

As for the more personal side, trying to keep control of my mind and feelings, canceling all negative, being more positive and even unrealistic as many might say.  But this is what I want, what deserve and demand. One roller coaster ride.  And I will keep pushing even if sometimes I feel like I should just lay there and let life pass me by. Funny thing is, I push by not forcing. Is how it works, I will if I force what I want, I can break it. But by accepting what I can do right now and acknowledging is all I can do, day by day, step by step, is how I can work on this. I still hold on faithfully to that dream I had, and even those long ago... maybe this is what I will do. I know is what I want... my question is, what until then? My own answer? Hold on, keep working, keep practicing, keep promoting yourself, and somehow, your wish will find the way to you, as long as you keep opening the doors, windows and every hole in the wall you can make.

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