So far I have 3 stories. People might think writing children stories is easy. But in fact is the hardest thing to do. You must be able to look form their point of view (something many forget how to do). You must be able to fit your story to the length and vocabulary required, plus the rhythm and voice. I've been writing all my life yet it was never with an intended audience. In a way just to leave my story written down for the time I am not here anymore. But now I am putting these two things that I've loved all my life, writing and drawing. The more I do it, the easier it gets. But it's still far from, but I am getting there. I completed 3 stories by now, 2 of them derived from poems. This is how my mind works, as I actually automatically rhyme in my mind the stories. So I need then to transform them into narration.

Today I also ordered my copy of "2009 Children's writer's and illustrator's market", it's like the bible for aspiring authors. I know is the 2009 version, but the 2010 one was hard to come by yet. So I found the 2009 by -10 euros less. Now I will continue writing more stories as I wait for it. If I'm going to do this, I'm not doing it blindly, hence the book. I wish so much to publish them online, but my intention is to actually make them to books. And I don't have the luxury of self print and publish yet. I've spent my life making stories in my head, never putting them in paper, and now I am. It's a challenge but is going good. My stories were a way to escape the boring reality I was living in. Just, be  a good girl, eat, sleep, school, good grades, and repeat. So my head was very filled with fantasies. I learned about how to make stories in school, even though we never touched those chapters (the teachers thought was pointless), I would read them on my own. And I still look for text about them.

So this is my progress, and when I look at the fact that is only day 10, I feel proud to say I've done quiet a lot for 10 days. And looking forward to the rest.

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