Sept Updates

I know I keep slacking on the writing here. And it's not out of busyness cause for some reason I found myself quiet bored of everyday internet life at the moment. But then, the boredom includes blogging updates. :P

Summer is almost over evn though suddendly the heat said hello again yesterday. But yea, been hanging out, drawing, the usual. The kids have become amazeingly obedient. I don't know if the host mom likes my idea of punishment or time out. XD Well, you see, when Ties gets annoying, angry or just won't stop crying out of pure attention, he goes into his bed. Well, that is, because usually I tell him to get in and don't come out till he calms down. I'm not the mushy-stop-crying-please-poor-thing type. As when I try he screams more hehe. So I just let him be, relax, release his anger, and so on. Thing is, I bet his mom think I let him sleep there. She didn't liked that but she didn't told me not to do it. While truth is I never let him fall asleep when I put him there for time out (no toys at reach). After a bit I go to him ask him if he is ok now and go do something else with him. It wa sthe kind of time out we recieved. As there is nothing to entertain us in bed and give us the time "to think" about our actions. -.- But yea, those have been the only dilemas. Specially since these 2 weeks I'v been working whole Tuesdays and so.

Oh, 2 weeks ago I was in France! Everything great! But lazy to write all that XD maybe one day haha

Now today is Wed and it feels like Thursday -.- (and personally not looking forward to Saturday XD)

What else... I guess nothing that I should write here :P DOEI!

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