Publicly writen for the  "you can slap me and make fun of me if I quit" sake.

On August 17 I had a dream, and then as I checked my email, I found a book. And from that day, I started to do something. I started to write some posts that are on draft, but now reading them back I decided not to post them and even delete them. They are good and all, but I want to start from scratch this. This blog was meant to follow my life path as it evolve. And so it shall continue being so. Why do I say this?

I have a personal challenge, that if completed, might change my life. My main problem in thsi life is, I NEVER finish what I start. From now on, I will finish it. And I am tired of saying this and never going through it. But this is it. Long ago I wrote an outline for a book project. All ideas and titles included. Basically, the book is done idea wise. I just have to get my but to type it. I have around 4 books started and none finished. But only thsi one is fully finished idea wise. Today I opened the file after so long, it's in spanish, but I plan on doing it in english first. My intention with it is to finish each chapter, one per week. And then, after they are done I will illustrate them one by one.  It should take me around 100 days. But with finishing the first 3 - 4 chapters I can start making a book proposal. I will post each week my progress on it as well as a sample. So this is basically my 100 day challenge, and my personal project. I want to do this, as I need to learn to finish things, it should be more productive once I do.

So here's the plan:

  • Each week I have around 30 hours of freedom I use on nothing or drawing or something. Not counting weekends, as those are depending on my social plans. If nothing to do, like probably this next one, then you can add up my free hours to 72+. My goal is not time wise, but chapter wise, no matter how I use those hours, I will write a chapter per week. If I have time left and inspired, I will then plan the next one, or illustrate the finished one.

  • Once I finish the first 4 chapters, I will work on a book proposal. Which I will then send, among with the chapters to publishing companies. Now a days, publishing companies want proposals due to the lack of time to read so many manuscripts.

  • I will continue on writing the next chapters while I either await positive answer from a publishing company, or finish the book and keep looking.


Original title: Te envio girasoles en un barco de papel

English title: Sunflowers on paperboats to the moon (english title might slightly change later)

Chapters: 13

Pages: aprox. 100 - 130

And holding my breath I click "publish".

(Yes I am nervous about getting into this, but I must.

Beside, I cross the ocean, can't be worst than that.)

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