Many have lost faith in humanity. With war, poverty, sickness, criminality and all those evils, people tend to forget how wonderfuly humanity truly is. Specially those who live it the closest in flesh and blood, on the literal sense. There are times when we think we are lost forever and we are doom to perdition. That we will become soon waste in this planet as much as the waste we make. But then, you need to search carefully, for those things that truly makes people wonderful. Those things that eventually win everyone's heart and no one has the cold-heart to deny or prohibit.

Long ago I saw teh movie Pay it Forward. Ever since that movie came out many wanted to do somethign similar. Many wanted to be that little gran of chain that will start the domino effect to make this world a whole way better place. Thanks to the internet and all the social media this have become possible and it's just starting. Websites like Tweeter, Facebook, Kiva, Youtube, blogs, newspapers, campains websites, and countless more, have joined togetehr, creating a chain of people, NOT machines, that is actually making a difference. And the best part of this is, everyone is free to join! (Maybe not the chinese...)

Suddendly the social and economical distance between celebrities, entrepreneurs, rich, famous, poor, ordinary, extraordinary,  and all kind of people from every walk of life, has become barely the distance of a single click. I am amazed to see how the fashion now in teh celebrity world is to have direct contact with fans trhough these social medias. I once saw this trend starting and I thought that they just hire people to do this. But then, as the trend rised, many more young stars and famous people started to join these social networks on their own accord. This made me in a way proud of them that they are doing this themselves and not by hirering someone else (where's the fun in that anyway).

Now with the help of social networks, many websites which sole purpose is to help change the world, have risen and are making huge waves of movements. And now, it's like this Pay it Forward effect. Someone with an idea start with a small group of poeple this simple dream that just 5 years ago might have been impossible. And then from each of those people, a couple more join; from those coupl form each, a couple more; and so on. And suddendly there is this HUGE ammount of people, all around the world, trying and finally making the diference they always wanted to. I feel blessed to live in this time. And I am exited to see what's next!

Sure we have those negative things in life, but then we need to turn around and realize that there is so much more than just that. And we can change all for the better if we just unite. No matter how far, no matter how long, we are just one, this is just one race. And as such, we need to work, just like ants.

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