Ever since I was a little girl, I would always draw. Every time I had the chance to, a pencil and a surface. You know how kids always fantasize with super powers like super strength or flight? I would always fantasize of bring my drawings to life. Like, anything I wanted to have, I would just draw it, and it will appear in front of me. I would play the story over and over again in different ways. But now that I am no longer that child (in appearance anyway), I realize that the law of attraction works exactly how I wanted that super power back then to work.

Since I started working with this force in full consciousness, I find myself drawing what I wish. Kind of like the vision board but the customized with my own images. Every time I would write a wish in my journal, I would draw something about it, and put my whole heart in it. And for my surprise and delight, it has always worked. And now is like, that little girl's fantasy is actually a fact. When I draw I am setting my whole attention and energy to that which I am drawing. I guess this is the reason I always disliked Gothic or macabre art.

For me art is like power, and you need to use it wisely. Then I saw the movie The Secret, where they tell this story of a man who would paint provocative sensual women and all the women in his life would at one point flee and reject him. And it wasn't until he took the advise of the counselor to start painting more of what he wanted (a stable relationship), that he actually got it in a matter of weeks. And now that I remember those drawing I made before being where I am now or even imagining I was going to be here, this is in fact true for me. I would draw myself in planes, the globe, the travel, the flags, everything that would symbolize my wish even if have no idea whatsoever of how I would get it. And in a matter of a month or two, I got my chance and started to work towards it.

So I guess this is my replacement for affirmations. Like I said before, affirmations for me are boring as I don't like repetitive things. And once I memorize something, it loose meaning, like praying one of the prayers form church. We all have to find what works best for us, and make it possible. I have faith that this power to make my life what I want through my art, will get me exactly where I want to be, if not further. This is my gift, what is yours?

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