16 August 2009


This is a rule: You shall not apologize for not writing. :)

BUT, I wanted to update on what I'm doing and hence I am writing this short post. I am currently working hard on my portfolio so I can print it and hopefully also find art related jobs. I really wish to design and work designing in magazines, fashion, newspapers, anything. As long as it's what I've always loved. I will be dividing this portfolio in 2 parts. One with children Illustrations and general Illustrations and the other with designs. For some reason my faith is stronger now. And I know somehow I will make it. SO wish me the best of luck. I won't be writing much so often because of this, I need to finish that portfolio. Once I finish it, then I'll go back to writing. But I'll keep you updated on it here. I'm planning on doing more than just blogging my life lessons, but that needs to wait till I have time to organize it. All I can say is, I wish to be able to code the design I made for this website. :) Who knows, maybe later. I know I can, but it requires so much time.

Click Here to see the portfolio in progress.

[ Edit: I just realized the number of this post's link is 222 :) ]
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