Is time an illusion or part of the reality? But if reality is an illusion then time also is. An experiment was conducted on how can people can make time go slower in order to be more productive. (link) The problem is, the result was that when you were focused in an specific task you perceived time quicker than when you were doing nothing. Truth is, is not time, but your perception of it that slows down. Well, for me I wish I could perceive it as so. Specially now. It is August 2009, and soon I have to decide what am I going to do afterwards. Sometimes the pressure is hard, people asking you what will you do, how will you do it. And all you know is that you want to do it. And you are struggling to accomplish it. And soon I realized my negativity was taking over me again. My doubts, my fears and I was letting them. I want to believe time is only a matter of perception, if I could slow it down, I would, so I would have more time to decide.

My time here is running out. I shall not let fear exist in my world. Doubts, always are, you just have to ignore them and keep going. Because even though I have my doubts I also have a strong belief on how I felt the day I came here. And it is that that is guiding me and making me strong. I am a strong believer in “gut feeling” and dreams. And both, are pointing in the same direction. Is the how that eludes me. I want to be more, more than this. I want to find the way to that which I wish to be. Long ago a good friend of my mom’s told her, “she will be able to accomplish anything she wants in life.” And I still believe her, 100% of the time she was right about the things she said. I hold on strong to all those small signs that guide me and keep my hopes up. Just like those days. Let’s see how this journey unfolds.

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