Before humanity even could write, life has been about signs, symbols, things that prompt us of a message of some kind. Ever since I was a little girl my mom taught me the value of signs. Signs God give us when we are in doubt or need an answer. And even though I am already gone from the religious view, I still believe those signs are real. That life somehow talks to you the best way possible. That the whole Universe wish to tell you something, and all you have to do is listen.

There is this famous 11:11 phenomenon. Some say is a prompt to awakening, others that you can make a wish. When I started to notice this 11:11 I was around 12 years old. I would start to notice it more when I would encounter myself in a position on making important decisions. The real bombardment of this number started by the end on my university studies. In the end, I realized it wasn't for me to wish, although I would do and still do, but when I am in doubt, and I see the number out of nowhere, a thought pops up in my mind. And the meaning of 11:11 for me is, “everything is going to be alright, trust and let go”. Other prompt is that if it appears in a dream, it means to me that I am getting a wish granted, an important one. It has happened and all the time it comes true. That's why I strongly believe in signs. I never however experienced the other prompting numbers till about a couple of months ago. Suddenly I see 222 and 555 everywhere, every time.

This is the meaning such numbers have for me. As well, other signs means other things to me that may not work for others. Signs are shown to you depending on your perspective. If your sign for “things will be OK” is a butterfly, then that's what you will get. If it is a rainbow, then you will read it so. It's different for everyone. Although there are signs that have been constant in humanity's history. But these signs or symbols have been evolving through history, and people have grown with them. They acquire meaning cause we as a collective give it to them. Just like we as individual give meaning to others. Life and reality act to your perspective, be it alone or as a collective.

If I talk about my experience on symbols, I will never stop. So I will just tell you one short one that I am still awaiting the evolution of. Weeks ago, I dreamed with my dead grandmother, for the second time in the... forgot-how-many-years of death. The first time was the day after the burial, since I didn't cried all those days even though she was the first close person to die in my lifetime. It was what we call catalyst. A liberation of feelings we hold inside a dream, in order to keep us psychologically healthy. The second time I dreamed with her, she said to me, “I'm going to read you the tarot cards” I searched for her to remind her and then when I found her she just held one card on the air, “The Sun” and I woke up. This dream filled me with hope. I still hang on to it every time I have my doubts of my future.

Signs are part of our life, to guide us. Doesn't matter the source, what matter is that if you believe in them, they do work, they do speak to you. I always ask for some sign for something bothering me. I might not get it right away, but eventually I always do. I was once going through a hard time, and I ask and begged for a sign of what to do, that if I dreamed with 11:11, then I knew there was still hope. That same night, I did. And indeed, there was still hope. I ask for date... and it was the first time I got it, with symbols and all around the image. I was afraid I was getting my hopes up and I will just crash harder, but no... it actually went like it was supposed to. And I was so grateful, since then I get bombarded by signs all the time. Look around you, what is life trying to tell you?

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