Here it is!


Clothing, natural PR candies, SAZONES (lol), And natuurlijk, the “Ponce Cash&Carry” bag XD

(Pants fit :P but zipper and button broken ;) So I will have to fix that)

Paid like….. ehmm… *cough*… 41.6Euros. (Freaking!@#$$@#! Taxez…)

Process on one of the doll houses:


With Ties helping ofcourse ;) But he is so lazy “it mag niet mijn handtjes vis doen” (I can’t dirty my hands) So he gave up quickly but allowed me to finish. (Exterior at least, still need the interior) And that is just –1- house.

Other projects:


Something I need to work on for a gift. :) Should be fun… but I realized I decide not to “buy” a gift cause it’s less expensive and more meaningful to make one, while in truth… it’s stays in “meaningful”. :P

PS: ZOMG het wind! ><

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