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Well, time for some updates on aupair living. Been hanging out with friends, new and old. <3 The kids are doing ok. Ties has learned successfully to go to the bathroom, only thing now is teaching him “Ties, je moet jij onderbroek zelf aan doen!” (Ties, you must put your underwear on yourself! –bad dutch btw XP lol-) So I just act lazy and tell him to do it every time. The girls are on vacations, so they are now in Tennis Camp for a week. Starting next week I have them all free for 2 weeks. So I’m working on our entertainment for them from now. At least indoor entertainment. As for outdoor, still need to plan. I want to take them to the big main library in Central Amsterdam on a day Ties is in the crèche.

For the indoor, I’m working on a (now two) dollhouse.

First attempt: (booh)


Second attempt: (YES!)

100_1864  100_1865 100_1866 100_1867

The first one I was making without exactly knowing what I wanted. The second one I made after looking at endless pictures of dollhouses around the internet. I made my own pattern! YAY! I might post it later for all creative aupair’s uses. That’s the first step. The second will be painting, for which I need first to cover in newspaper for proper coloring. Just like piñatas!  But yea, I made two, so each of the girls can decorate at will without problem with the other. I’m planning on using dry-clay for ceramics to make the interior things, so the girls can make them themselves. It’s going to be so fun! A long-time wise project with them. :) I hope they like it.

Now, someone ask me if I missed my family. And I started to answer one by one, and my eyes got watery at it. Well, then we started to make some home dishes, which… I failed with the rellenos. << But the other was ok, not the same, as it’s not the same flavor the hand-made empanadas than the bought crust one. But it still was yummy. :)

And TODAY! I made a typical home dish! LEKKER! or better said, QUE RICO! And to think my dad doubted my cooking skills. >>…



PS: I might go to Paris at the end of August, my BD week! IF I manage to buy the stupid ticket ><

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