Kid’s Vacations

So it has started, 2 endless weeks with the kids. ALL. Is ok, not so hard, but tiring. Last Saturday I was with the girls around the city center and I got a lovely surprise <3, and I saw ice age 3! << I want to watch Harry potter soon, we’ll see if I can. But yea, was great, and next weekend it’s going to be so fun! Can’t wait! Anyway! Yesterday I did the doll house with the girls, just one, as I realized Ties ruined one of them so I hided it and will fix it other time. But so I divided the three floors one for each.


100_1884 100_1885 100_1886 


I need to take a picture of the finished one full. XD Forgot! Is not how I pictured it, but they enjoyed it and that’s what’s good. Maybe the next one will be better, I’ll just make everything and let them paint. Haha.

Today they all play good. I didn’t took them to the park cause their mom was arriving soon. But tomorrow I will (you hear that weather! ><!). And see if I can take more pretty pics. Honestly can’t wait till weekend. =D!

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