makemebelieve If you feel grateful about something, you are happy about it. There’s nothing that can change that. Today, I was reading a message some old family friend sent me in facebook. She said she was in my country years ago while I was still probably in middle school. And she said how amazing it is that back then I was just a girl. And now I’m here, working for my dreams, and all an artist. My memory just flashed back indeed when I used to just play around drawing in school. In elementary school everyone would ask me for drawings. In middle school, I started to take it more serious. And now I see myself here. And this huge feeling of gratefulness filled me. I felt very happy just because of where I was at the moment.

Long ago, I read that the key to happiness, it’s feeling thankful. My mom would always tell me not to worry about what I didn’t had, but be thankful about what I had. And so I was. But little did I knew at that time that there was much more to being thankful than just a feeling of contentment. In order to achieve other things, you must recognize the things you already had achieve. This create a certain state of mind that attracts more things to be thankful for. There were days, magical days if I might say, that I woke up so thankful, things started to happen. And in just one day I would be witness to how miracles just happen to you when you are just embracing all you get. Not worrying about that which you don’t get, but all of that which you do. All that you already had and are getting. And the rest takes care of itself.

So there’s a magic in word thankful. When I am thankful about everything, I suddenly feel a burst of happiness that fill my chest, and I just want to hug someone. And my chest becomes warm, and I can’t hold my smile. So looking back at those years where all I would do was dream about what I have now… all I can say is, “WOW! Thank you!” And I can’t even start to imagine how I will be feeling when the rest comes to me.

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