Goal: Making a living as an illustrator.

July 10, 2009

Amsterdam, NL

To who it may concern:

With this letter I demand from life this one chance. And I mean demand,as I deserve it, and here is the reason. Once up a time, long ago, when I was just a little girl, I saw a movie. The movie was called “The Secret Garden”. In that movie there was that line that stayed with me my whole life.
“The spell was broken. My uncle learned to laugh, and I learned to cry. The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Since that first day I saw that movie, I wanted to do but just one thing. I wanted to make people smile. A lot of options went through my mind, even becoming a clown. But I am not so good

with people when I just meet them, so that wasn’t an option. I did drawing when I was that age as gifts for everyone I knew. Everyone who ask, everyone who had a birthday, celebration, Christmas and so on. It was my way to give them “my” gift. Up to this day I still do. People expected me to become a great artist one day. As I grew up, they started to  say things like, “artist starve”, “you don’t win enough money”, “you should study a real career”. So I grew up believing that becoming an artist was just a fantasy as wishing to live in a chocolate world was.

I graduated form high school. My art skills greatly improved by then. Although I would just draw from reality and never from heart. But my drawings did had a certain soul of their own. People would smile at them, all the time. There wasn’t a single drawing I made that wouldn’t make someone go smile. Whether of admiration or joy. I enjoyed this a lot, I even took some commissions. A small amount of 10$ for a type of portrait people would pay over 50$ for. But I did it for the joy of it. It was never my intention to become rich with my art. I just loved seeing people happy with my work. The money I asked for was to buy more materials, and that was it.

I still remember my first sets of portraits back in middle school. Sadly they are lost forever. The rest after that, I have them all collected back at home in Puerto Rico. The ugly, bad, and good. I started painting in high school, continued through University. Never sold a painting. Never wanted to, again, I just did it for joy. Instead I would give them away as gifts too. I found great joy in journal writing, as it was the best way I could project my inner world. Since well, up till then I would only draw from the outside world, and not the inside. In university, I took a different path than what I thought when I was a little girl. I studied psychology. I do not regret it in a way. I learned a lot about people and myself.

I learned I could do whatever I wanted to if I wanted it enough. A lot of reasons kept me form studying art and design like I wished to. Not the right school, expensive, far, whatnot. All reasons I now recall as stupid. Seeing how now I reached to be in this country while everyone said I was crazy for trying. I thought that if I knew back then what I know now, I could have found my way to study art, ANYWHERE. That chance and time is long gone. I decided to self-taught myself on design and actually create form my heart. I started by an online community, selling art for game gold. I learned  a lot of techniques there. I even learned to understand Photoshop.

After that period, I started to use the same techniques to do things from my heart. I started to play with my own style, until up to this date, I finally have it. Up to this day, I love making people smile with my art. Specially now that I can be more creative and playful about it. I didn’t believe in simplicity of art until I started trying myself. Simple art is harder than detailed art. You must be careful and choose wisely what to use and what to leave.

Before i came here, the stores at home started to just bring more creative things in stationary and house items. I would go to the store just to look at them. When I came here, the amount of beautiful illustrations I saw, it’s so incredible, I got inspired. Every time I look at those pieces, from a pencil, notebook, to a whole bed set, anything, my heart would be glad. As those are designs someone, somewhere, made, with full joy and inspiration. It’s like a butterfly effect, someone is inspired, and in return they make something that will inspire someone else to make something else.

And for the first time in my life, I’m using all my energies on this. To get that one chance I want, I deserve. Cause I want to be part of that effect. I want to be inspired and inspire others as others have inspired me. I want to be part of that little girl that goes browsing through new stationary for her new school year, or the new backpack, or new pencil. As she browse she is amazed and happy at all the beautiful things people have made. I want to be part of that, not just an admirer, I want to make those things people admire and smile at. Is for this reason, I want to become an illustrator. I want to become an illustrator.

I gave up on this chance long ago. I realized it was a mistake now that I see the truth behind being an artist. And now that I do, I’m planning on striking hard to accomplish my goal, of making a living as an illustrator.


Marisabel Munoz


PS: I might skip this Friday’s Sketch.

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