06 July 2009

Cardboard Happiness

After lacking some inspiration to write, I finished this piece for the 100 Art Challenge. Someone ask me, why a cardboard box. ;) Which brings me to this subject.

My mom always told us how you can be happy regardless your circumstances. Coming from a very poor family, we struggled to make of ourselves what we are now. I must say, my family's bad economical problems are very due to their own poor management of it. But still, we did struggled, we still do. But I always repeated myself, life is like a cardboard. You can do endless things with it that will make you happy. Just like a canvas, you create infinite things. When we were kids, we would receive presents, but what I loved the most about presents was all the junk left behind; paper, boxes, ribbons, and so on. I loved playing with cardboard and still do.

Here's is something I'm working on with cardboard.

This is going to be a very beautiful dollhouse. Right now it looks weird and ugly. But soon it will be beautiful. This is happiness. You make the best out of the worst. If you learn to do this, you will not lack happiness. You will be able to find it in every single thing around you. Sure you will be angry or annoyed at times, but it won't take away your general happiness. Because you already know how to get it back.

You can live in a cardboard, and still be happy. As happiness is nothing else but a state of mind that depends on you and only you. You can have a golden castle, but you won't be happy unless you decide to be regardless of the circumstances. I decided this long ago as I see my family at times getting frustrated over our problems. One day, my mom said in a jealous tone after a big fight in the house, "you are always happy no matter what is happening, the house could be falling down over you and you won't notice." Sure I would, I would just react, run, and after the storm, I know I will be happy again. Nothing is certain in life but one thing, in the end; everything is going to be ok. And we just have to rely on that faith.
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