This entry is the introduction for a series of posts on how to paint your own miracle in Life's Canvas. Links to next parts will be added as published. Due to my extensive non-stop compulsive writing. I will be posting at least 1 per week, if inspired 2 per week. Each part will be divided in sub parts.

If you are the religious practicing type you are aware of the common meaning of miracles. An event of such extraordinary happenings that is unexplainable by man in any way. The origin is unknown and many would probably say it's a magic show or trick. This is the common idea behind miracles. When I was 5 years old, I was taken to a sacred place with my mom where I saw what I still clearly remember the so called "dance of the sun". I still remember every bit of it, the place, the sun, the people and even the trees. I experienced quite a few things then being just 5 years old. And yes, I have quite a good memory of my childhood. This event is experienced by many people around the world, so far it's still widely speculated if there is a valid explanation or not. I still believe in it. These kinds of miracles go back through history and it's how people would describe a miracle, according to their experiences. Most people would say "I believe in miracles even though I never seen one". I can say, "I believe in miracles because I've seen a lot of them till this day in my life." I live by how Albert Einstein says: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." I live each day by the second one. Every day and everything in it is a blessing to me, a miracle I created myself by allowing the Universe itself to intervene in what I want.

This is how I've always got everything (or almost) that I wanted. Those things I do not get, are either because I'm not ready for them, or there is something better I'm overlooking and its life way of saying "don't be stupid! Look way over there!” Now, you must realize that, sure you are reading this, thinking probably it's easy to me, I was born lucky or so. Yet, I am far from done. My life it's just starting, and after last night dream with my grandmother, I am sure the miracles are just starting. What I've experienced so far it's just the frosting of what is to come. But you can try with me. Here I give a few tips on how you can get what you want, ONLY if you do believe in it. This article will be cut down in several parts. This first part will consist on a mere introduction of what I believe is necessary to make your own miracles. The next parts will take each point separately and explain them thoroughly as I possibly can. A few thousand words are not enough for all I wish to share.

My first point is the usual common rule. You must reprogram your idea of miracles, life, and prosperity itself. Miracles are not extraordinary events that are unexplainable by man. They are in fact ordinary events made by love. Like the course of miracle explains, miracles are a result of love, and the only true miracle is love itself. The rest are results of this one single miracle. So in order to allow miracles in your life, you must allow one single miracle and that is love. The pure unconditional love to life, the Universe, and everything in it. No exceptions. No "he or she is so bad she don't deserve a bit of love" allowed. You must genuinely love life and all in it. This is usually the hardest part. Because in order to accomplish this, you must let go of many old beliefs and ideas, as well as fully forgive from the soul. This is usually the challenging thing to people. But then again, just like with this article, once you start you can only but go forward and it eventually gets easy. The hardest part is always daring to start.

Secondly, you must know what you want. You cannot shot blindly, as there is a big chance you miss a lot. I've noticed that when I don't know what I want, things get stressful and a lot of things happen in-between that makes my waiting longer and almost unbearable. While on the other hand, when I know what I want, things start just happening and I walk happily along the path I want. I am still unsure of where I am going, but I do know what I want. There is a big difference on those two terms. Sometimes you know where you are going, but it is not where you want to go. You are going there because it's easy and you don't know where else to go. Sometimes you don't know where you are going nor what you want. This is when you start to go randomly. Nothing wrong with it, but there is a lot of stress in this way of llife. Unnecessary stress, unless you are the type that enjoy such a life, then there's is no problem at all. In fact there is no problem even if you don't enjoy it, you just have to decide if you want to go on like that or not. The Universe will respect whatever your decision may be.

Thirdly, you must ask for it. There is no place in this type of Universe for ideas like "whatever you want". Most ancient scripts tell the same thing; in order to receive you must ask. Sometimes we do it unconsciously, sometimes we pray for it or wish. Whatever it may be, you always ask in order to receive. Even if it's your own decision like, "I want to eat rice today", and you go buy rice. It's all in asking, even asking yourself for it. Now, not always you will feel that your requests are granted. That is because there is a difference between asking and wanting. You might want to get some kind of change in your life, but you are not asking right for it. And yes, there are right ways to ask. A few days ago I saw a video on this subject. There is the common word chanting prayer, and then there is the heart prayer. The second being more effective.

And last, you must be open to receive. This is a common advice in many self-help literacy. You cannot receive if your old belief, which you haven't reprogrammed, don't allow this to happen. Remember this is your Universe, and it runs according to your rules. If your rules say money is evil, be certain that you will not see much of it. Because money is not of "benefit" in your Universe. The Universe will only grant you that that will benefit you. That that you believe you deserve. The Universe is a mirror which reflects all that that you see in your mind. That is why the first step is essential. Once you let go of this old belief system, you can be more open to more opportunities you can grab. Remember though, the Universe don't put things on your lap. It's more like, it appears in front of you, and it's your choice to grab it or not. There are signs that let you know, whether you are ready to receive or if it's in the way. I'm constantly bombarded by this.

We can mention way many other steps between each of these four. It is not as simple as I write here. But further on I will be writing more specifically on each one of them. As in order to paint your own master piece, you must learn different techniques and use whichever suits you best. What works for me, might not work for you but would work for someone else. So I invite you to read further writings around the web or books on these subjects, and see how little by little your mind starts to work on this. Your mind will react in a "oh, this is how the world works", it will reprogram itself. You always need to put some effort from your side, but remember; the Universe is a mirror of your thoughts. The more you read on this kind of life you want, the more you start to understand, and the quicker you start to live it.

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