Things you understand

Family’s love is unconditional, so unconditional they tolerate everything you do or not do. Cause it’s their “duty” to love you for who you are regardless of. Living in my little world back at home, some scolding I would get I would just ignore out of the “no need” to do so because they still “have” to love me. Today I was scolded for stubbornness once more. Not a matter of laughing, but now it’s funny. Mom always say I’m just as stubborn as my father and never want to loose. But I never heard “you need to change that” till now. Ugh… though one >> let’s see how I do. Cause yea, they are right, I am aware of my constant auto defense and explanations to get out of trouble. Is a reasoning self mechanism according to Freud. It’s my big flaw, but nobody never pointed it as a “bad” thing before. Just as part of my character. Well, not that is bad, was my stubbornness and will that got me here in the first place. But yea… when someone is right, someone is right, but I swear is so automatic my defense >< sowwy! I will try to control that too >>

And these are things you understand, once you leave the protective circle of your family and home, these are things you understand when you start to “grow up”. *blush embarrassed* ><

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