Things I miss

So, I am not going to class ><>> or stay awake in class... so yea. ANYWAY I decided to use some minutes before hitting the pillow for an hour to write a list of those things I miss from home and those I don't.

Things I Miss from PR
  • Frituras (stuffed potatoes, platains foods ><, sorullos >>, empanadillas)
  • Dad's beef dish (I keep forgetting how to make it)
  • Sopas de Salchichon on rainy days LEKKER!
  • Saying "lets go to the beach"even if it's rainy, as it's warm anyway.
  • Warm air
  • Hearing the phrase "Que viaje de ketchup" among other common senseless phrases XD
  • Being able to USE thsoe phrases >>
  • Having to wear as little clothing as possible
  • Flipflops 24/7!
  • Cold showers due to heat (even though I hated going 3 times a day >>)
  • My crazy friends
  • My really crazy friends!
  • My family
  • Morning radio programs
  • GUSANITOS! (gummy worms, although I have here, is not the same XD)
  • The bread >> Pan soba'o!
  • My favorite Cereal 24/7
  • My brother's video games :(

Things I don't miss

  • Impolite neighbords
  • Loud music from the cars
  • Car traffic on a 90F+ day ><
  • dog choirs at 2am >>
  • sharing bedroom :P
  • Politics <<
  • Bad news in the news 24/7
  • "Chismes"
  • Local TV >>
  • Local MUSIC <<
  • Doing nothing
  • Sun burning my skin ><
  • Rice on a daily basis >>
  • The "kako"accent ><
  • Reguetton >>
  • Fried chicken
Hmmm I guess that's that for now, I'll edit when I think of more :P

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