16 June 2009

Sketching life

Finally! I got myself my own domain and hosting, is not much, but is great for now. I just imported my old blog entries and will be planning on writing more often from now own. The story behind the title of the blog is a really short one. One day in the “university life training” class at my old university, the professor ask us all for a message to the group. It took me a lot of courage to say what I wanted to say. Life is a canvas, and you have to decide what you want to paint on it and make it a master work. They looked at me weird for saying such profound words, it’s why I needed so much courage to do so. I always disliked people looking at me weird for saying things from my heart.

That was my first courageous step as I started my journey through life. Through those years I’ve been just roughly sketching it. Maybe this, maybe that, some options here and there. But one day, I felt bored and tired of sketching. And I woke up, grabbed my brushes and started to paint my life as it should be. Full of miracles and happiness.

With this new website I intend to share this process as well as writings from things I always think about, things I’ve learned and found. In the way, I intend to help you, as reader, to also drop that pencil, grab the brushes and start creating your master work of life. This is the first time I aim my blog to the world. Let’s see what happens, shall we?
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