flower1 People seemed more cheerful after the harsh winter. The parks started to get filled by kids playing. The flower girl would sell flowers to kids. “Give it to your mom”, she would say. And she would also sell them to the lovers and everyone else. They all loved her flowers. They were always so bright and full of life. She knew the meaning to each one of them by heart. And according to what they wanted to express she would sell them that. She was a bright and beautiful girl with a smile to offer to everyone. She turned twenty on summer. She works the other half of the day at the flower shop with her aunt. While she was fixing the flowers a man stumbled with her letting the flowers fall. He quickly helps her to pick them up and realized it was the same girl that sells flowers at the park.

“I’m sorry”, he quickly said to her as he bends to help her.
"It’s ok, just be more careful, they’re delicate”, she answered back smiling sweetly.

After they picked up the flowers he quickly went away. She stared at him as he vanished from view. She never saw such a sad expression in her life. He seemed on a hurry, as in running away from something. She couldn’t help to stop thinking about that man for the rest of the day and the night. The next day as she walked to the park like every morning she saw him there, sitting on the bench. With the suitcase by his side and wearing the same suit as the day before. He had his arms crossed and stared into nothingness, as if lost in thought. The flower girl got closer holding her basket of flowers.

She hesitated as some kids run towards her with their money to buy her flowers. She sold them to them and then kept on walking slowly towards the man, struggling with her hair as the wind blow it. She stood on front of him for a second and simply said, “hello”. He didn’t answer back so she sat beside him. “What a wonderful day it is,” she said softly. He ignored her.

flower2After a minute of silence he finally turned and looked at her. Her eyes opened wide as he just stared into them. He turned his face away just as quick and then in almost a whisper he said, “Is it now?” He smiled softly looking at the kids. “Then you better not waste it on a stranger like me,” he said to her. She just sat in silence holding tight her basket of flowers.

Hesitating, she took one of them. “Here,” she said, “it’s a very special flower.” It was a lily of the valley; small and delicate white flowers.

He took it without question and just stared at it wondering what he was supposed to say. She stood up before he could say anything and kept on selling. After a few minutes he looked at his watch and went away. She watched him go away to the distance, this time something different, some small flowers in his hands.

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