Internet relationship have been going on ever since the internet itself was born. This, I believe was expected, as the internet was built as a form of communication. And just like letters and telephones, it connects people one way or another. Through my long years in the internet, I've experienced a lot of different kind of online relationships (not just romantic type). I remember I joined forums and met lots of people I would talk to. Then I was interested in Snail Mail exchange, where I met some other people but I got lazy to keep in contact like that. Not to mention my personal money was limited and I could not afford spending so much on international shipping. Following that period I started blogging, this is where I met one of the most important people of my life. She is what I consider one of my soul mates. I've never met her in my life, yet the love I feel for her as one of my best friends is beyond mortal plains. We started commenting through each other's blogs, and suddenly found how connected we were. Little did I knew, I would be going through her same story now. Seven years ago, when I met her she told me her story. And now I'm amazed on how I'm living the same. I lost contact with her for months long, I think even for more than a year. And yet, we suddenly got in touch again, I forgot how. It just happened. Up to this day she is one of my greatest supports. It's because of people like her that I wouldn't know what to do without the internet. internetbuddy

Around that time I also met a girl, she was just 13 and I'll be amazed if she read this one day. I still remember her, she had amazingly beautiful eyes and a very low self esteem. I tried my best to be there for her for support, in a counseling way. It was her that inspired me to wanting to help people in some way. It was because of her I started reading on how to become a counselor, or at least online adviser. She would disappear for months... due to bad circumstances, but outgrowth them all, to my pride. We don't talk anymore, yet I know how she is doing through Face book and I feel very proud of her life now as if I was her own big sister. (If you read this, I still remember you and I am very proud of you).

Now , after my blogging period, I started playing online games. Where I met even more connections. Little did I knew they would change my life even more. And one of those friends told me he would never want to go through that, later to realize he was just as involved with online people as I was. He felt deeply betrayed by who he considered one of his best friends and yet he felt he owed him his loyalty even if what his friend was doing was not regarded as worthy of it. This is where I explained to him, in a big talk we had, what we were going through was expected in our kind of hobbies.

The internet for me is but a tool of communication, through it, we connect to others. The game, he wanted to consider it just as a game, later to figure out that it was more than just a game. That game was a bridge, to connect us, to many other unique people out there that we wouldn't have met otherwise. It changed both out lives forever. The game, as well as the internet, was a tool, to connect people. Just like when you join a sport club or any other. You do it to do what you love and connect with other people that also do.  This is what happens in the internet. It has made things easier, the sharing of information endless, and sharing of feelings and life experiences unimaginable.

You can have all sort of internet relationship, from friends, work collages, hobby buddies, up to romantic partner. A lot of taboo was form years ago about this. But as the internet started to reach more and more homes, now as necessary as a phones, people started to realize the connection. It allows us to feel connected in a way. And it changes our lives forever. I remember when they used to say the internet was evil. The internet is just a tool, it's what you do with it that counts. Now after so many years surfing around the internet, I know I have a lot left to discover. I know there are a lot of people I will meet and will change my life in some way. But it also feels right now like there is no bridge, no gap, everything for me feel so connected. Everything right now is so much connected than years ago. That's why I am grabbing this chance to share my writing with the world. I know somehow, I can bring a bit of change to people.

Now, don't take me wrong, I'm not saying you should just stick to the computer to socialize. If it works for you good. If not, then stick to what works for you. I'm not every good at randomly meeting people in places. Unless I work or study there. If it wasn't for the internet, I wouldn't have met the good friends I have now, including him.

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