In this part I explain how I managed to reprogram my own mind.


On the first article on miracles I explained 4 basic steps I've come to consider important on transforming your life. Mind programming is a concept that has acquire quite a popularity these days. You can find endless products in the market that promise you drastic change of mind, how you feel and see things. Some are good, some are bad, I really can't point to any as I've never used them and not planning to. These products could be in fact amazing and helpful. But the sad truth is that they are no more worthy than a pile of mud on rainy season. If you don't set yourself first to allow this change. A lot of people go through life changing experiences that help them on this process. Others seek to initiate this process at their own will. Such was my case. I spent a lot of my time back in school criticizing others, looking at faults, complaining, among many other things. I saw my friends would do it even more than me, and it started to become annoying. I decided to be different. I don't know how, but I started to force myself to see life most positive. I would write on my journal on daily basis, endless pages as I went through this change.  I started toe experience so many wonderful things I cannot start to explain.  This process was long, and still is. Sometimes it makes a big leap, such as a few months ago. Sometimes it is not noticeable. But I did managed to reprogram my mind to believe, experience and create wonderful things.

Of course I didn't start out of nothing. I started by what I knew back then, my religious background. My family is catholic, I was raised catholic. But there were so many things in this religion that just didn't fit my mind. One of them was the constant reminder of the crucifixion and hell. These two concept,although I wasn't sure if they were true, wouldn't fit how I saw the world. For starters, the crucifixion was such a horrible thing, yet people would remember those horrible things more than the wonderful things Jesus did. And then hell, people would constantly threaten you as kid with it. I really hated it. I started to concentrate on the good things about my family religion. Then I started finding how many other religions also shared the same good lessons. So while my mom would say those religions were wrong, I was thinking they were as beautiful as ours. So I saw no point in following any. I started to reprogram myself to view a more universal religion, Life. And with it, understand many other things.

I started to force myself to be happy. Regardless of what was going on. Sometimes there were big fights in my house, everyone was angry, while I was happily singing. My mom would say angrily that I was lucky to not be affected by the house mood. I would just smile and tell her, "what's the point in me getting angry, it's your fight, not mine. And even if it was, me getting angry wouldn't solve anything. Sometimes she would claim I didn't care about what was going on. " My idea was, "I'm not wasting happy moments for pointless unhappy ones". The only unhappy moments I want and still am willing to accept are those that bring me some kind of lesson, those that make me grow more.

How did I accomplish this? First I decided I didn't wanted to have that low self esteem, or wasting unhappiness. I recognized we all deserve to be happy, but I also saw that regarding my situation, it was only up to me. And my journals became my secret companions. I would write down all those negative thoughts I had and try to reason them.

  • Why did I thought negatively about this particular situation?

  • What is it exactly that bothers me of this, her, him or them?

  • Why is it that that particular thing bothers me?

  • Is there anything I can do about it?

  • If yes, what? Can I react differently to it?

And so on, I would come to different types of conclusions about the way I reacted to things.

  • If the reason I am not comfortable with something is beyond my hand to control, I just needed to accept and breath deep.

  • If I felt miscomprehended it was because I was just seeing things differently from the normal groups of people, and this wasn't always a bad thing.

  • If I wanted to see change in those around me, I needed to show them that change was possible by changing myself.

  • If I wanted to be in control during conflicts, I would need to be calm.

  • If everyone was in hysterical mode, someone must be level headed to see things clearly and I had to do it because no one else would.

I learned so many things about myself, and I changed myself. With help from my journals and constant reading on how it was possible to see the world differently, I accomplished a lot. On the next part I will explain and suggest those techniques counselors, metaphysics, psychologists, coaches, and other professional in the “mind-body-spirit” field recommend to accomplish an effective change of mind.

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