22 June 2009

Evolving your master piece

"Each painting has its own way of evolving...when the painting is finished, the subject reveals itself."
William Baziotes

When I started drawing portraits at 13, I was very discouraged by it. I discouraged myself many times, and among the 10 pieces I started I only finished one. Before finished that one I would find they were turning out so ugly and did not looked I wanted them to look. I was never satisfied with the process and so, I never saw the end results. As I started to find tutorials on line I realized I was doing it right, just not fully. One day I found this tutorial, where it said, “yes, I know it looks bad at the moment, but it's when you get to the final stage that you see the true resemblance.” I realized I just had to kept going to be able to see my final work complete and perfect (or almost). One day I decided to keep at it regardless if it was looking good or not. And to my surprised, it end up good. So good, I started making portraits non-stop of whichever pictures I could find. On magazines, news paper, Internet, photos and so on.

You see, life is just like that, when you start painting it, at first it will look plain, disfigured, without sense, confusing and just plain ugly. As you go little by little adding details here and there, you start to see something that make sense. You start to notice some shapes and colors that let you know what is it all about. You add some shadows that add dept and highlight the brightest parts, making it a beautiful piece to look at. What once seemed just like a stain or a senseless green dog with a banana and some closet monster behind, now looks more like a path pointing somewhere, or an image of what you should be doing. It starts to show you what you are all about. So if you think your life at the moment seems like some trashy art work, just keep working on it a bit longer. Add those silly little details that 90% of the people won't pay attention to, and see what kind of master piece you have. So when the time comes, you can say, “I made that”. With your sign, and many, even though they ignored your sketches, color testing, mess-ups, bad compositions, or even the details you put into it; at the end they will all be admiring the final work.
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