Well, last weekend was extremely sunny as I “demanded”. The heat was more than I was used to here… I think it got to 70F. And for my body it felt like almost 90F ><. The sun on the skin felt burning like back at home, thankfully without the side effects from there. XD But yea, so the nights are getting warmer too, after I got used to wrap myself in blanket. :( But I am waking up, with my whole hair wet of sweat (even with the lekker rain last night). If by next month it gets worst to sleep without a fan I will have to buy a cheap one, even if it’s just for 2 – 3 month use. XD Like now, I just woke up, and I still wish I had a fan right now. >> I SO have to take a shower before going to the museum with Sharee. But yea, not complaining on the heat, I just wish for a refreshing fan. ^.^

Yesterday I took my first canal boat trip. With my class, at half the price, which is why I took it XD In my opinion the normal price is too expensive for those things, especially alone, it’s boring. But It was fun and different view. The stupid glass didn’t allowed me to take nice pictures, but here are some:



Ghosts in the pictures! ZOMG! (hate glass…)

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