Trying to post from my email since I hate opening blogger to post and too lazy to re-setup my windows live writer >< for some reason the accounts were erased from it. Oh well.
AGAIN! Haven't written in a while. Not much has happened honestly, same ol' same :P
The children listen now to me all the time. Seldom Ties when he is angry XD and wants to hit me, not being able to, calling me "naughty", saying he will tell his mom and me answering that I will tell her he wants to hit me. And he keeps quiet, forget the issue and goes back to being sweet lol
But yea, where I was before stressed on taking him places or even taking them to school, now is normal and actually refreshing. I like it. :)
Heck I like the kids a lot! Things are starting to go right now. I understand how they behave in some ways and why, what they like and what they don't like. Which is hard in Keet's case, having to act "grumpy" when she is in no mood of being happy lol She hates it when I am all laughing and smiling while she is annoyed, takes it as offense. SO yea.
I have Dutch "test" on Monday so need to study verbs during these days -.- Oh the verbs the verbs, oh well, my dutch should improve a lot ><
And I don't wanna write more for now :P

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